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Atara Romero-Wilson, Jr.



This show has been quite the eye opener for me and has grown me in all the best ways. I love theatre and everything it has to offer me because it never leaves me unsatisfied. Being in this show with my amazing cast and crew mates was an unforgettable experience.

Yamilette Colon, Fr.


outgoing, curly hair, makes friends easily and very talkative. i enjoy theater and dancing. i love the show friends. my favorite sport is soccer. favorite color is red.

Mykal Sanders, Soph.

Little Charles

It’s been a long time since i’ve been on stage. I was so excited to revive this role. It’s been an incredible experience. I’ve grown sooo much as an actor and i’m so proud of myself. I’m excited to see what what the future has offer. I’m very thankful for the opportunity. I love everyone in this cast! IT’S BEEN REAL!

Sean Ramirez, Sr.


This is my 7th year of theatre, including middle school, and honestly it’s been a great learning experience.  My fellow cast and crew have been working non stop to create this show. I hope you guys enjoy!

Se'An Boatner, Sr.


Every show I get to do brings a new experience and opportunity to learn. August Osage has a special place in my heart because it represents the hard work that’s necessary to put on a great B.T.E. show. I’ve grown so much in this program and I’m so happy to have been able to witness the growth of others around me. From techies to actors , this show has acquired a lot of patience and determination. I’m very excited to see the hard work pay off.

Jasmine Aurelio, Jr.


This is my second year in theatre and first principal role in a production. Rehearsing for this play has been such a great experience and has really helped me grow in many different ways. Thank you to Ms. Miller for pushing us to work hard everyday and making this production as amazing as it is as well as Mr. Debose for all the time and effort put into making the set. Much love for the rest of the cast and crew and everything we’ve worked for!

Yusef Dixon, Jr.


This is my 2nd Main stage production and It’s been a great experience. I’m motivated more then ever to learn everything I can and become the best I can be for my upcoming roles!

Anne Fandino, Jr.


This is my 2nd production with bush theatre im so incredibly grateful for the opportunity I was given to play this role I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. And Thank you to our Amazing Director for making it all happen.

Savanah Whittaker, Soph.

Mattie Fae​

As my first show in a principle role this was a fun and horrifying experience. I did however love being apart of the process and I hope you enjoy the blood sweat and tears that go into it.

Dariel Silva, Jr.

Little Charles

This is my first BTE show and the experience has been incredible. Working with the cast and crew has been great.

Nelson Nwachukwu, Sr.


Hi my name is Nelson and I am the President of Troupe 6473. It has been a pleasure to work with these people whether it's for the 1st time or the 10th time. I am excited about the growth that has happened throughout this play for everybody, including myself, and I'd like to thank Gaby Rodriguez, the president of theatre when I was a freshman, for inspiring me as much as she did. Thanks to her, I was inspired and have not stopped being inspired since.

Abdullah Naser, Jr.

Les Kennkat

Heyyy Y’ALLL, this is like my 10th bio and every show has gotten better since freshmen year. I’m so excited for the future.  A thank you to my family at home as well as my troupe family. Thank you to my director Ms.Miller as well as a our tech director Mr. DeBose, thank you guys for coming and we loveeeee you.

Jordan Okeke, Soph.

Sheriff Gilbeau

Hello! I’m a vocalist and aspiring actor. I’m 15 years old, I’m a Sophomore, and I’m native Houstonian. To list some of my background in Theatre, I portrayed the Character of C.C. White in ‘Dreamgirls’ the musical, an Ensemble Member of the State placing play ‘Water by the Spoonful’, and most recently as Mercer Stevens in ‘Boy Gets Girl’. In my spare time, I enjoy bettering my craft, spending time with family and annoying my neighbors with my constant singing.


Chinenye Osisi, Jr.


I am 16 years old and I have been doing theater on and off since the 4th grade. This is my first BTE Production.

Veda Salinas, Soph.


This has been my 5th or 6th production with BTE and there is no place I’d rather be. I love my theatre family and I’m proud of everyone in this production

Abira Imanke, Fr.


Right off the bat, BTE is making huge strides with its black box production of Boy Gets Girl. I’m so honored to be apart of this troupe because they constantly demand me to push myself beyond my limits and I’m a greater person because of it. Because of Boy Gets Girl, I not only know how to design a set, I can create sketches in AutoCAD, operate pneumatic tools, and effectively manage and lead our technicians to become professionals and to have a great time!

Daniel Gaudoin, Jr.


I came to Bush less than a year ago and immediately recognized I needed to be in a production . And here I am at my first one !

Naomi Adams, Fr.


This show has been a roller coaster of emotions. I am very grateful to be apart of such an amazing cast and the opportunity to learn from being there during rehearsals. I am so proud of everyone and happy that i’m apart of this family

Smithson Arrey, Sr.

Mattie Fae

I am 15 years old and I love theatre with a passion. I've been doing theatre since 7th grade and it's been the best decision of my life. I like singing,dancing,braiding hair, and playing video games. I hope to graduate highschool in the top 10% of my class, and I hope to continue doing theatre in the future.

Marvin Abrego, Sr.


Being an understudy has definitely made me appreciate the work these other actors do. I have been able to watch others and be able to critique them on what they are doing. Even as I watched I was able to learn from them and improve my own ability as an actor. I have been able to get out of old habits that I never knew I had by being in the room.


Samantha Garcia, Jr.

Stage Manager

I fell in love with this show the moment I read the script, everyone has worked so incredibly hard putting this amazing production together and I’m glad I’m such a big part of it :)

Nicole Coyne, Jr. 

Assistant Stage Manager

Hey guys I’m Nicole! This is my 4th production that I have been a part of at George Bush High School, and words can’t express the love and passion that I have for our theatre troupe 6473! :) <3

Emilie Petrich, Soph.

Sound Designer

This show was really fun and I had a great time!!! I hope to be able to put on so many more great shows with these people!!! Lots of Love!

Mia Begnaud, Soph.

Prop Manager

This is my second year working as a technician, and it has been amazing. I have learned so much and had the best time working with all of the other technicians!

Jacqueline Chavez, Jr.

Costume Designer

Thank you for not firing me, appreciate it.

Haja Dumbya, Jr.

Costume Crew​

This is my second production, and I’m super excited to work with BTE again!

Nabil Shamim, Jr.

Master Carpenter

This is has been my second show doing tech, and it has been, without a doubt, an incredible experience. I loved every minute I worked with my fellow troupe members in building this set, and am looking forward to how the show turns out!

Payton Osahenoma Oriakhi

Sound Crew

This is my third year in BTE, and I am really excited to see what is up ahead.

Armando Rivera, Sr.

Light Crew stay cozy

Arianna Saco, Fr.

Costume Designer

My name is Arianna and I have been in theatre for about 3 and a half years. I’ve worked on hair, makeup, costume and other criteria’s as well, but I must say those three topics are always gonna be my favorites. Theatre really help me shape myself as a person and let me express my love for both girly things and acting.

Anthony Duran, Jr.

Lighting Design

When I first started theatre I never thought that I would be this high up but looking back I'm really glad I joined theatre because everyone here was and still is very helpful. I really love being here, everyone here really makes me feel happy.

Brenda Macedo, Soph.

Costume Crew

Its my first BTE production and I’m enjoying it so far. The people are amazing and the energy is uplifting. All actors and cast are really passionate and dedicated to each production. Stay real cozy.

Jasmine Nguyen, Soph.


This was my first BTE production, i have a great experience , meeting new people and building the set.

Laila Kelly, Soph.

Assistant Props

It’s was really fun working on this show building with a good head and knowing how it’s supposed to be done in the real world. I’ve learned a lot from this show and can’t wait till the next one



November 1-3 & 8-10th 

 The action is centered on an extremely dysfunctional family with a patriarch who has disappeared and is later discovered to have drowned himself.

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